Reinaldo Normand

About the Author

Reinaldo Normand is an accomplished entrepreneur with extensive experience in running bootstrapped and venture-backed technology startups in the United States, China and Brazil. He created the world's first wireless game console, Zeebo, and has been featured in media outlets such as NBC, Business Week, Venture Beat, Reuters and others. 

Reinaldo has been invited to speak about innovation and entrepreneurship at events, companies and universities in more than fifteen countries. He has published the book INNOVATION² and has created online courses, Youtube programs and podcasts about technology.  

Reinaldo is currently an investor and advisor in gaming and tech startups and resides in San Francisco. In his free time, he loves to mentor young entrepreneurs around the world. 

Reinaldo holds a BSc in Computer Information Systems, a MBA and speaks four languages.

Contact for speeches, events and media inquiries: rn[at]